Wild Edibles- Season 3- Milkweed, Tree Cambium, Fiddlehead, Pine, Cattail, Evergreens, Birch

Foraging your own wild edibles is an exciting way to: cultivate a life of self reliance, expand one’s knowledge, and connect with the great outdoors. In this video, I examine 7 common wild edibles. They are as follows:

Common Milkweed Stir-fry- 00:00
Pine Cambium Chips- 09:52
Ostrich Fern Fried Fiddleheads- 18:12
White Pine Needle Tea- 23:26
Cattail Veggie Pasta- 29:43
Evergreen Needle Teas- 36:54
Yellow Birch Sap- 43:18

Season 1- https://youtu.be/YevUz69iWvs
Season 2- https://youtu.be/JajEBCkI3Uo

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