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Survival- How to Build a Quinzee / Snow Hut

In this video I showcase 2 types of Quinzees that I built. The first one is for the purpose of survival, the second is built to be comfortable. In a survival situation during the winter, my priority would be to build a quinzee before trying to start a fire. That's because it's hard to have enough wood to keep a fire going through a long winter's night. And a blizzard could easily snuff out the fire, which would leave you without shelter & fire. But a quinzee […]

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Making Maple Syrup- Tree, Tap, Sap, Syrup

In this episode, I show the entire process of making maple syrup: 1. Tree Selection. 2. Tapping. 3. Sap collection. 4. Boiling down the sap in big pans over a roaring fire. 5. Finishing boil. 6. And the finished product, known as maple syrup. No additives whatsoever. Just 100% pure Canadian liquid gold. There is something very peaceful and fulfilling about working in the bush, especially when it comes to making maple syrup. I find the whole process to be relaxing and enjoyable, which is something I […]

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