Survival- How to Build a Quinzee / Snow Hut

In this video I showcase 2 types of Quinzees that I built. The first one is for the purpose of survival, the second is built to be comfortable.

In a survival situation during the winter, my priority would be to build a quinzee before trying to start a fire. That's because it's hard to have enough wood to keep a fire going through a long winter's night. And a blizzard could easily snuff out the fire, which would leave you without shelter & fire. But a quinzee is a great protection from all sorts of winter weather. Plus, if built properly, your body heat alone will be enough to keep the inside of the quinzee at a survivable temperature.

In the video, I demonstrate the 7 rules to follow when building a quinzee, which are:
1. Allow your snow pile to harden for at least 1 hour before digging it out.
2. Use twigs as thickness markers for the walls.
3. The walls should be about 1 foot thick.
4. The sleeping area should be about 6 inches higher than the entrance.
5. Open a vent in the ceiling.
6. At night, the entrance should be partially closed.
7. A tarp should be placed on the ground to prevent moisture from entering your
sleeping bag and clothes.

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