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Survival- Turning Mud into Clean Drinking Water

Using some very basic supplies, I take water from a stagnant mud hole and turn it into crystal clear drinking water. No expensive filters or equipment was needed. This experiment is not something that I would recommend doing unless you are in a survival situation. However, I believe this is good information to remember in case of an emergency.

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Survival Hiking Spear- SOG Spirit Review

A close encounter with a bear got me thinking about ways that I could defend myself if a wild animal became aggressive towards me. In this episode I'll be sharing my experience, and I'll be testing out the SOG Spirit, which is a type of compact spear. I was impressed with the results, and I think you'll be too. *Please note that this is NOT a sponsored product video.

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Survival Story- Hugh Glass- Grizzly Attack

In this episode, I explore a frozen waterfall while I tell the story of famous folk hero, Hugh Glass, who: went toe-to-toe with a grizzly, was buried alive, crawled over 100 miles through hostile territory, etc. All while surviving on nothing but wild edibles. Hugh is quite possibly, the toughest man who ever walked the face of this earth. Enjoy!

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Survival- How to Build a Quinzee / Snow Hut

In this video I showcase 2 types of Quinzees that I built. The first one is for the purpose of survival, the second is built to be comfortable. In a survival situation during the winter, my priority would be to build a quinzee before trying to start a fire. That's because it's hard to have enough wood to keep a fire going through a long winter's night. And a blizzard could easily snuff out the fire, which would leave you without shelter & fire. But a quinzee […]

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